Beam Clamps

Beam clamps flawlessly do their jobs. They are a kind of clamp that can be fitted into a beam which is made up of sturdy steel. This beam has an effective grip which looks as a scissor and perfectly nestles on the beam’s projection. This is further secured by a novel fixing method which is highly specific. These clamps can offer the most viable position for fixing of the other heavy devices that are primarily used for lifting such as chain hoists which can easily lift the needed loan.

Beam Clamps

Specifications of beam clamps
Beam clamps can be obtained in variable types and capacities. They are even available as fixed configurations or are changeable. They are integrated with different actions like they can either work as scissors, used for locking screws or fixing of bolt clamps. High quality beam clamps can deliver are enriched with many benefits. They are made up of steel construction which is quite robust, they are easy to be installed and the suspension bar which is inbuilt can offer spacious headroom. These clamps are comparatively light weight with a compact design. They can offer securest grip since they are equipped with a spindle which is centrally threaded. Its ultra fast adjustment of beam with any kind of width that is within its range is truly incomparable.

The most used beam clamps are the one that have a standardized size which can invariably fit the generally used steel beams that are of leading configurations. However, we can get different beam clamp sizes which are best for the steel beams that are size of a cuff. There are even extra strong clamps which are incorporated with jaws that are optimally reinforced as well as plates that are housed on sides to offer the applications that are more demanding. Most of these beams are encompassed with an efficient device of locking which ensures their securest fittings.

Information on use, maintenance and store of beam clamps
The most important factor that is to be considered while using the beam clamps it their positioning. It must be placed over the loads gravity centre. The beam should be checked for its size, profile and width in order to correctly fit on the flange of the beam. The structure that is supporting the beam should be adequate to hold the complete loads. A beam clamp should be checked for its high strength. We have to never use the beam that we are unsure of its identity. We have to never replace its shackles or bolts. We have not to use beam clamps over damaged beams. We have to never force appliances for lifting into the eye of attachment. We have to never load a beam clamp diagonally.

For maintenance of beam clamps we have to clean them regularly and lubricate the moving parts. Inspect them for wear, cracks, corrosion and insecure bolts. These clamps should be stored carefully without dropping them. We should keep them in clean, protected and dry area to avoid corrosion. Fasteners of beam clamps should be immediately reassembled after their removal.